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The Angels investigate a country prison farm and a nearby small-town sheriff. Sabrina, Kelly, and Jill deliberately get stopped for speeding; when the sheriff "finds" drugs he's planted in their car, they're sentenced by a kangaroo court to unusually long terms at the nearby prison farm. Once there, they discover that the authorities are partners in an extortion-prostitution scheme. Young women without relatives are arrested and jailed on trumped-up violations. The women are literally enslaved until they exchange their bodies for an “early release.”


  • Guest stars: Kim Basinger, Mary Woronov, Anthony James, David Huddleston and Lauren Tewes.
  • This episode is often cited as the most controversial episode of the series, with most critics citing the scene (illustrated above) as the most divisive when the Angels are forced to strip down and undergo decontamination, causing Kelly to ask the guard, "When was the last time you were sprayed?" .
  • The episode features one of the show's first truly iconic moments, when Jill - connected by chains to the other Angels who want to go in opposite directions during their escape - cries out "I am not a yo-yo!" The scene was later recreated in the 2000 movie.
  • Although unintentional, this episode ends with the Angels causing the death of two of the villains, a first for the series.

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