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Kelly is bridesmaid at a childhood friend's wedding. When the groom is a target in a series of near-miss kills, Kelly enlists the help of Kris, Bosley, and Tiffany. Tiff plays the violin, Boz is a bartender, and Kris masquerades as a maid.


Client: Sharon Kellerman
Assignment: Investigate the murder attempts on Sharon's fiance, Scott Miller.
Complications: Scott was staging the attempts.
Romantic Entanglements: Scott is romantically involved with his fiance's cousin, Claudia.
Outcome: The wedding was called off and the conspirators were captured.

Things of Note[]

Guest star: Kim Cattrall

There's a very strange bridesmaid--as Claudia sneaks away from the wedding, the bridesmaid next to her makes bizarre body and facial movements at apparently wrong cue times.