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The Angels learn CB lingo for a case on the road to track a hijacked million dollar cargo for an all-ladies trucking company. Kris and Tiff drive the truck trying to recreate the crime, and Kelly is a waitress at a key truck stop.


Client: none
Assignment: Investigate cargo theft from a trucking line owned by Charlie.
Complications: Maggie Brill, the company's manager, was behind the crimes.
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: The thieves were caught. It wasn't specified whether Charlie sold the company or hired a new manager.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kris: And I know it sounds awful silly but it seems I lost the trailer off my little ol' rig. Now you wouldn't think a girl could lose a cumbersome thing like that, now do ya? But darned if I can't find it anywhere! Come on back?

Things of Note[]

The Venus Trucking Company was based in Greensboro, Oklahoma. Maggie couldn't get the appropriate licences there until Charlie stepped in to help.

Tiffany has an unflattering look with glasses and overly-frizzed sides in the episode's beginning. The look is oddly and suddenly (but thankfully) transformed as Kris and Tiffany walk with Maggie from Maggie's office into the back shop area--gone are her glasses and frizz. She then dons a pair of tinted lenses with cap and ponytail for the rest of the episode. Capping up the case back at the office on the phone conference with Charlie, back is Tiffany's (and the other Angels') professional glamorous attire and her frizz, but thankfully without any glasses.

Kelly makes an out-of-character odd disgusted grunt sound as she asks Bingo to check out the underside of the truck, after it's learned that the truck had been replaced by a bed with sandbags.