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When an old friend is targeted to be killed, he leaves an urgent message for Charlie, warning him that someone is out to destroy one of his Angels.


Client: none (Tom Norton calls the agency, but doesn't hire them.)
Assignment: none

Romantic involvement: There was a light flirting between Sabrina and Eddie Jarvis, the friend from the police station that helped them find where the call came from based on recordings. Sabrina said "I won't forget it's Sunday" to which he replied "Neither will I". This exchange implies that they will have a date in exchange for the crucial information that helped them solve the case.
Complications: The Angels know that one of them is an assassination target, but not which one. Kelly has a friend who dropped in to stay with her.
Outcome: Kelly shot the assassin when he had trailed her to her house. Both he and the man who hired him were turned over to the police.

Bosley Bumbles[]

When Bosley is talking on the phone to Charlie, the assassin is standing right outside the car listening to the conversation. Bosley doesn't notice.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kris: [after shooting the ground next to the assassin] Okay friend, the next one's for real. Go for it.