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Three young, beautiful women work for mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend, who enlists them to solve crimes. There's Abby Simpson (a wealthy socialite turned world-class thief), Kate Prince (a former Miami police officer who fell into corruption, losing both her fiancé and her career), and Gloria Morales (a disgraced army lieutenant with a penchant for explosives). When a tragic accident claims Gloria's life, Charlie and John Bosley convince the two remaining Angels to to partner with Eve French, a hotheaded street racer and Gloria's childhood friend.


Client: Sarah's parents
Assignment: Find Sarah Daniels, a sixteen-year-old runaway.
Complications: Sarah had been captured by Pajaro, a dealer in child slaves.
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: Sarah was rescued, but Gloria's personal connection with the case resulted in her death.

Memorable Quotes[]

Charlie: Just remember: you're angels of justice, not angels of vengeance.

Eve: About tonight, I'm sorry.
Abby: Too late! You're benched.

Kate: Time for Plan B.
Abby: As in, Plan Bosley?
Bosley: (chokes) Woah! Woah woah woah! We never fully discussed Plan Bosley!



  • The opening credits feature Abby, Gloria, and Kate.
  • Charlie's yacht in this episode was named the Seraphim V.