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The Angels investigate a murder at the singles bar, 'The Hot Line Club', where customers contact each other anonymously by phone. Kelly is chosen as the next target of the killer, who stalks her at home as well. With the help of the club entertainer Margo, Kelly dresses to kill...or be killed.


Client: Mary Assignment: Find killer of Lois, Mary’s visiting friend Complications: Multiple identities of the killer Romantic Entanglements: None Outcome: Killer’s surprise identity revealed; killer apprehended and undergoing psychological analysis

Memorable Quotes[]

(Killer, over the Hotline telephone): You're a very pretty girl


Lois wasn't killed directly by the killer, but by fleeing into oncoming car in the nightclub parking lot, at a speed of approximately 10 mph.

The episode steals somewhat from the Psycho storyline. It’s full of many lame Hitchcockian red herrings, including the two creepy Hot Line club guestsguests.

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