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It's "The Most Dangerous Game" as the Angels are lured to an island to be hunted down in an attempt to seek revenge on Charlie. Tiffany is the first to fall to the hunters.


Client: none
Assignment: none
Complication: none
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: Of the three kidnappers, one was killed by a trap set by Kris, one was killed by a tiger, and one was captured.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kris: First things first.
Kelly: Right. Divide and conquer.
Kris: Who said that?
Kelly: Tiffany would know.

Things of note[]

The Angels were dismayed by their lack of firearms when they were first stranded on Diablo Island, but they didn't take the gun off the man they killed. They tried to take the gun that was under the body of a man Kris knocked out, but for an unexplained reason both Kris and Kelly combined weren't strong enough to roll him over so that they could take it.

After the bad guys are foiled, Charlie leaves the Angels stranded on Diablo Island (without food and water) for a few extra hours just to preserve his secret identity. When Kris radios Charlie that the Angels are safe, Charlie has rescue boat turn around, saying he'll send Bosley back for them.