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Kelly intervenes an abusive situation between a police sergeant (with whom she's working) and his son (who was battered). Just as things start to improve in the family, the gang tied to the case kidnap Kelly and the boy.


Client: Consolidated Appliances
Assignment: undisclosed, other than it resulted in Kelly working alongside Sergeant Cates
Complication: none
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: The men attempting to blackmail Sergeant Cates into releasing the witnesses were captured, though Sergeant Cates was shot in the arm in the process. He promised to get help controlling his anger so that his son (who wanted to return home) wouldn't have to stay with Kelly any longer than necessary.


In this episode it was Kelly's turn to play the damsel in distress, tamely waiting as a captive in her own home until she could be rescued. She proved unable to open a simple window to escape, and ended up breaking it (which slowed her down enough that she was immediately caught).