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Alexander Brok is a major antagonist in the 2019 film Charlie's Angels who was the CEO of Brok Industries. He is portrayed by Sam Claflin.


Alexander Brok is the CEO of Brok Industries who was Elena Houghlin's superior. He colludes with John Bosley to cover up the deadly flaw in the Calisto and overlooks the resulting casualities as part of "plausible deniability."


His first appearance is at a Brok Industrie's demonstration of the Calisto prototypes. After watching footage of the Angels incident at Brok Industries, he is enraged.


At his party in Chamonix, Brok reveals to Elena that he worked with John to assassinate her after he learned of her plans to sabobtage the company. However, Brok is unaware that he holds no power over John who plans to weaponize the Calisto. He is then forced by John to grant him root access to the prototypes, and reluctantly leaves with him to attend the party. After the Bosley 342 and the Angels capture John, Brok is arrested for conspiracy.


Brok is a highly strung personality who is often distressed by any setbacks. He is also a callous character who disregards the welfare of others, as when Elena told him that his head of development Peter Fleming was shot, he denigrated Elena for reporting "unnecessary" details to him. He represents corrupt political leaders that are high-ranking officials in the chain of command who choose to refuse acknowledgement of any consequences or condemnable actions committed by their inferiors.


"You wanted to sabotage ME. What were you expecting, flowers?"

"This is the problem with you, alright? ou keep teling me shit I can't know. Plausible deniability You ever heard of it? You're a terrible employee." - Brok to Elena after she tells him Fleming was killed

"Why is does this keep happening?!"


  • He owns a Louis XIV armoire at his Chamonix residence.
  • The party the Angels attend is Brok's vision Party, a reputed annual gathering for the wealthy and famous.
  • His ringtone is "All I Do is Win" by Dj Khaled.