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Alexandra "Alex" Munday is one of Charles Townsend's angels. As of the early 2000s, she was an active angel along with Natalie Cook and Dylan Sanders. Arguably the most well-rounded of the three, she is shown to be an expert martial artist, strategist, and skilled with electronics and explosives.


Raised in an affluent family, her parents were professors of philosophy and economics at Harvard. Alex honed her skills at an early age by paving her life as a child prodigy, excelling in various fields including gymnastics, chess, fencing, archery, and equestrianism. Alex presumably holds a medical degree and had a cover as a licensed physician in Los Angeles. She is especially close to her father, who affectionately calls her his "little ferret".

By the time she was 13, Alex academically eclipsed her parents. She spent the rest of her teenage years abroad, learning levitation with a Tibetan guru, safecracking and bomb defusing with a Parisian double agent, and danced with the Stuttgart Ballet. Alex was also a aerospace engineer and on-call consultant for NASA, and was an early pioneer in the creation of the laptop computer.

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Aside from skills she learned as a child including sports, Alex had become proficient in more fields during her time as an angel ncluding espionage, motocross, archery, rodeo, hacking, physical therapy and neurosurgery. She is exceedingly proficient in kung fu and other martial arts forms. She is also fluent in Finnish, German, and Mongolian.

During her time with Natalie and Dylan, she is never seen using guns, preferring to use strategies and martial arts to subdue their enemies.

In 2019, Alex is seen in photos on slideshow during Bosley's retirement party. It is hinted that she and her team no longer work for the Townshend Agency, most likely having retired since then.

Physical Appearance

Alex has long, black hair, dark brown eyes, and light medium skin. Her wardrobe consists of sleek, sophisticated pieces with black leather and red accents.


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Alex: Marshal Ray Carter? I'm Alex Munday, and I'll be your rescuer today.[1]